The treatment at Beecon is very unique. The tools that are provided are much more beneficial than those I have experienced from other facilities. The knowledge that I have been given here has helped me overcome huge triggers in my life. If I did not have these tools, I would not be sober.

I had visited 3 other facilities and was unhappy with the energy I felt. When I visited Beecon for the first time, the vibe told me that this is the place I needed to be. It has been a huge blessing starting treatment here, and I now look forward to facing each day.

I have been to treatment previously, but I was unable to complete more than a month. I actually look forward to coming to Beecon each day! If it wasn't for the staff at Beecon, I would not be in any form of treatment right now, and I may not even have my job, or the life that I do.

 It has been a good feeling to know that Beecon understands and loves each person who walks through their doors. One of the hardest parts about recovery is connection. The people that I have met here, have made it possible for me to trust in myself