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At Beecon Recovery, our focus is to get to the root of the problem and create an individualized treatment plan, tailored specifically for each patient. Our goal is to teach our patients the tools that they need in order to change dangerous behaviors; become physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger; plan ahead for obstacles, and restructure their way of life.

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Why Beecon Recovery?

Beecon Recovery is unique in its approach to treatment/therapy.  We have a holistic program intended to lower and eliminate the risk of relapse.  

Our Five Well-beings are the foundation of our program:

Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Psychological, and Social


In addition to traditional therapies, such as group and individual, we also offer a vast array of holistic modalities


At Beecon, we have a lifetime aftercare/mentoring program that will remain in place once treatment is completed. This will ensure that our patients have assistance and support when we they need it the most. We are confident that when you learn to follow our guidance, you can confidently stop the addiction cycle.